10 Days Without Blogging

Hello again, readers. Lately, I haven’t let more than three or so days go by without a blog post, and I’ve let you down. Over a week has passed, and here I am, digging down deep into my brain, trying to find something interesting to discuss, but nothing is coming to me. Nothing.

I looked back at my last 10 days and I can only summarize them with a few, small, things. Which is sad. I’ll get there.

The first, and most unsurprising, is that the 21 Day Fix has taken over my life. I am sitting here at day 16, down almost four pounds. It’s far from their promise of nearly 15 pounds in 3 weeks, but let’s be real here. Did you all honestly think I would be able to stick to a very strict eating plan? No way. What quickly became the most frustrating part was how easily I could slip up. Maybe I went out to dinner and the salad had a little too much dressing on it. Weight gain. Or, I had a handful of M&M’s. Weight gain. It makes me realize that after these 21 days, there’s a slim chance I’ll be able to keep off any of the weight I lose by going back to my normal (and still responsible, I promise) eating habits.

I certainly didn’t go in to it with this attitude, but within the first week I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. My body was used to running and hardly lifting, and now I’m doing just the opposite. I felt hungry all the time, and have a slight major problem when it comes to self control. Being limited just made me want to lash out more; like that freshman who goes to his first college party after his parents had him on lockdown for his entire life. He ends up in an ambulance to get his stomach pumped, I down an entire box of cereal in one sitting.

And so that’s exactly what I do. A lot. But, I finally ate through all the cereal in my apartment, just as I finish up the last week. I’m also trying the “recommendation” by 21 Day Fix of working out twice in one day; once before work and once after. Needless to say, I felt exhausted the first to weeks, and now adding in another workout each day has wiped me out completely.

Which leads me to my next point, and main reason why 10 days have passed without a new post. I don’t really do too much anymore. Still not having too many connections here means that I come home from work, make some dinner, and spend the rest of the night on the couch. That routine I’ve found myself in has become my new “normal,” and having plans after I get out of work just sounds exhausting to me. I will say, honestly, that I haven’t made a very good effort to go out of my way and make new friends here, but it’s scary how dormant I have become.

With all this free time I suddenly have found myself to have, I have surprised myself by maintaining a clean apartment and doing real, adult chores. Not only did I spend a day filling picture frames, but I actually hung them on the wall, and hung up a new set of curtains for the first time in my life. Adult points for me! I vacuum more often, dust things, clean the toilet…woah. Things have changed, that’s for sure.

I have also taken the time to read more than I ever have in my young adult life. In high school, I hardly read for fun, and in college I never did. Now, I’ve been reading most every night, which doesn’t sound like a drastic change, but has really started to change my routine. Reading is one of a very few number of things I can’t allow myself to be distracted from. I can’t read and watch TV, read and get work done on my laptop, or even read and chat on the phone. Reading has turned into a time that is genuinely for me, and I believe that it has truly effected my overall wellbeing.

So, there it is. My last ten days in a few short paragraphs. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not to have so few updates, but, you can’t change the past.

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